Pokestuck: Troll Giratina Picture

This is a fantroll of the pokemon I roleplay, Giratina. That's right. It's a fantroll of a roleplay of a Pokemon. Screw logic, I can make whatever the hell I want. Anyways, here's the profile:
Name: Girati Nogard
Species: Troll
Blood color: Dark purple
Psychic Abilities: Can control shadows
Title: Maid of Void
Likes: Mythology and Warfare
Dislikes: Cowards and other trolls in general
Strife Specibus: Clawkind, secondary weapon is Scythekind
Current Weapon: Claws of the Vorpal Dragon
Fetch Modus: Whatever the fuck you want
Land: Land of Mountains and Darkness
Trollhandle: quiescentLunacy
Typing Quirk: +++ Typε$ likε thi$. Ha$ no rεal $pεεch pattεrn and altεrnatε$ bεtwεεn bεing rathεr formal and cur$ing a fucking LOT. +++
If you'd noticed, this character and Nemain share some similarities, like how they're both quiescentLunacy and they both have the same blood color and quirk. That's because I Nemain is my main trollsona and this is just a small thing I made for the sake of roleplaying, so I kinda half-assed it. Don't bitch if you think this character is a Mary Sue or overpowered. I don't give a fuck. It was based off of a Legendary Giant Fucking Dragon God. What do you expect?
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