Forgotten Goddesses Picture

I haven't done Godlings art in a long time so I popped on the other day and found the chicks who have been on most recently (since I kind of wanted to draw girls) and here we are! This gave me both an excuse to draw some old favorites and some characters that I've never drawn before.

Keahi belongs to ~pyromaniac8390 and is the granddaughter of Pele (the Hawai'ian lava goddess). She's a damn cute thing and, if any of you are familiar with my website and with the current plot developing there, the first thing I thought upon completing Keahi was "Damn, I can see why Cirrus likes her. She's hot." Which, you know, I probably shouldn't be thinking because it makes me sound like a crazy person.

Now, I know that we're all used to Nova looking like [link] or like [link] but...well, inserting quick plot here, Nova's bodyguard/best friend died and she went insane and cut off all her hair, but he's alive again and living in New York without his memory (and has a thing with Keahi) and so she might stop being crazy soon and so when she does, she gets a new design. Because I was tired of the childishness that Nova was first created with and has sort of been trying to shuck every since. So she's going to be different when she comes back and now she's got cooler hair. Oh, and by the way, she's the devil's daughter.

Shtiya Sayayayawhateverhername is (I looked it up, it's Salaksartok) is the granddaughter of Pinga and an Inuit shaman and a GIANT FUCKING ICE BITCH. I mean, I like her as a character, mostly, but she's very cold. And nasty. Without meaning to be. I don't actually know her player but I'm currently feeling confident that she won't see this and if she does, I REALLY DO LIKE HER! I PROMISE! Oh well. But I like the design that's been described for her and so I wanted to try it out. We'll hope I got it right.

Siik, sweet adorable awesome little Siik, belongs to ~un-ronronnement and is just damn cute. I know that her hair changes at night, but I find that I always draw her with the blonde pageboy's adorable? And I like it better? And it fits her personality. Also, I love drawing people with patchwork skirts. I've decided this. But Siik is just so cute and fun, how could I resist her? She's slavic from some singing sorcerer god dude who's name I can't/don't feel like spelling.

Caia. Oh, Caia, Caia, Caia, come back to us! We miss you! Okay, so that's just me being me, but we really do. Caia is Posiden's granddaughter, belongs to ~fluffypiranas and is one of our most active members. She's fun and I miss having her around. Actually, I miss having them all around. But Caia's hair is so much fun to draw.

So, since the site is sort of on break right now, for a variaty of reasons (busy with school/work/life, lack of interest, crisis, you get the picture) I'm going to give a plug.

Godlings is a play-by-post roleplaying website about mythology. All of the characters are decended from the gods and goddesses of various cultures. It's a good time had by all (for the most part) and we'd love to see all/any of you guys there. This goes for my members too; you guys should drop by when you have time. It doesn't take long to post. Cut your facebook time down by 10 minutes. I promise, that's all I need.

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