You Are "Not" Alone Picture

The idea hit me as I read about The Rebuild of Evangelion, and Revival. Actually, several ideas hit me, but this was the first to be drawn.

As it turns out, the two most isolated characters in my continuation of RS-Megaman are Mega himself and a former enemy, Metalman ("Takeda" to the public world). Megaman, I think you're already familiar with.

Metal, on the other hand...It starts with his only friend (literally) Snakeman's "subtle" betrayal of Wily. Namely, he helped Megaman sabotage a recently-built and highly-flawed laser of Wily's (so flawed, it would leave most of the Badlands as a giant hole on the map). Later, Wily finds out and sends out Tenguman to kill Snake. Snakeman, who was looking for a supposedly dead Metalman (he crashed a jet), was ambushed by the masked Australian (despite being based on something from JAPANESE mythology...I blame his MM8 VA) and dumped off a cliff, and thus left for dead. He wasn't. Long story short, Snakeman is convinced to leave Wily. Metalman is found and decides to remain with Snake.

Months later, the two are evicted from their dinghy apartment, and are forced to stay with Dr. Light. This does give Metalman a chance to try and get closer to Megaman, until Protoman dies, that is. Rock promptly shuts himself off from everyone else, believing the whole thing (even after evidence of the contrary) to be his fault. Then Snakeman gets himself killed trying to stop Wily. At first, Metalman is sympathetic towards Megaman, but seeing as Rock refuses to let his brother go, so to speak, and has become downright pathetic (and maybe bipolar), he soon loses his patience with the blue bomber.

And that's the problem. Metalman isn't particularly friendly to anyone else in the Light household (though still respectful; after all, he IS a former Wily bot and a guest, two things that go badly together), so when he has problems of his own, who is he supposed to turn to? Not to mention, Metal's antipathy of humans and foul temper (maybe foul mouth) has landed him in hot water in the past. You would think he'd be able to understand Rock somewhat and try to help him, but Rock won't let anyone try to console him. (Metalman even honestly attempted to help Rock, but it ended with Metal angrily kicking an unbudging Rock into the floor.) Thus, the two stay alone.

Although, Metalman has the advantage of NOT being expected to break his ass for the benefit of the ungrateful population, so he's not nearly as stressed. But, that doesn't forgive his attitude.

I'd hate to think of how Freud would evaluate these two.
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