Nice Dye Job-How'd You Get It? Picture

The other week, when my Dad and I went up to see what Bolton was like, we had to wait for a connection for a while in Manchester. I needed pens, so we went to look for an art shop. Amongst the citizens of Manchester.


Oh Gods so full.

Apparently Manchester is full to the brim with students, so it makes perfect sense and stuff. But I wonder so much how you choose where to put your dye-blob!

I promise I'm not making fun in a mean way. Honestly. People who do unusual things to their hair, I have nothing but fondness for. Unless they are personally crap of course. But making yourself into art, expressing through decoration, that's nothing but grand. I just really.. they look so arbitrarily placed. I KNOW it probably is no mystery, but when you're in a giant crowd of spatter-heads and they all have their colours in a different place, things like this occur.

To me, anyway.

I drew almost all of the first and third pages on the train (both times returning from Bolton. I'm Uni-ing there..), which explaisn the shakiness. Myself, I like it. I love trains, I like train-travelling a lot. They put me in good humour, and good humour was what fuelled this story. So it's a part of it. How it's supposed to be.
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