Das Rheingold Picture

A painting based on Richard Wagner's opera "Das Rheingold". "Das Rheingold" is the first opera in his Ring Cycle, which is in turn loosely based on Germanic mythology.

On the bottom are the Rhinemaidens, who were charged with guarding the magical Rhinegold but accidentally revealed its secret to Alberich, who then stole it.

Alberich, in the middle, is a dwarf. Spurned by the Rhinemaidens, he renounced love, stole the magical Rhinegold, and forged it into a ring.

On the left is Freia, the goddess of fertility, who grows the magical golden apples that keep the gods immortal. Her brother-in-law Wotan offered her to two giants in exchange for them building him a fortress. Unfortunately, if Freia leaves, there will be no more golden apples...

On the top is Wotan, king of the gods. He doesn't want to give Freia to the giants, but if he breaks his word, he will lose his power to rule. He sends his clever servant Loge out to find something the giants will like more than Freia.

On the right is Loge, the god of fire and servant to Wotan. Searching for a substitute payment for the giants, he hears the Rhinemaidens weeping over the loss of their magical gold. Will he be clever enough to trick the now all-powerful Alberich out of the ring?
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