Resident Evil Concept: Argos Picture

And next up for my fake RE game dream is Argos. Keeping with tradition, it is named after a mythological diety of some sort that is essentially a giant with eyes.

An Argos is created when someone not matching the DNA of the original host is impregnated with the viral agent influenced (I have yet to come up with a name for the viral agent, but it's (basically) a mixture of the Progenitor, G, T-Veronica, and the Las Plagas) embryo. Upon maturing, the embryo senses the incapatible genetic coding and bursts forth from the impregnated body before mutating into a giant warped abomination with its appearance based on the DNA of its creator and incubator along with the natural coding of its viral coding.

The creature is basically a G-Offspring/G-Type of the like that Birkin had infected Ben and Irons with back in Raccoon City. However, due to the T-Veronica Virus's influence on the embryo, the mutation is much more controlled and structured resulting in this beast being created with the same appearance each time a (normal) human is infected with the embryo and doesn't have a matching genetic coding to the original host.

An Argos may also birth its own offspring, however these creatures stay the same leech-like form they're created as and are born live instead having to be incubated within another host and do not have the function to reproduce themselves. Argos also obey the will of any host that has better bonded with its viral agent due to the effect that both the T-Veronica and the Las Plagas have on the viral agent.

By the way, a few days after this was put up, another artist artist (ViralCosmos [link] ) asked if she could make her own version of this, and, with my permission, she did. Here is hers, I highly recommend you take a look: [link]
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