Mounterrox the Mountain Dragon Sage Picture

Mounterrox is one of the Original Four Celestials that were created by Voltrexx, the King of Dragons. He represents the Earth and all that stands as stone. He is based of one of the four basic elements of nature in Greek mythology; Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water.

I you look very closely in the very left side of the picture, there is a very small character that should give you an idea of how big he really is.

Mounterrox has the ability to increase the earths density to the point where it is indestructible. He can raise mountains on a whim and he can even make gold appear from thin air. He created the Valley of Giants, where everything is well... self-explanatory. The ancient markings on his belly allow him to control his stone based powers much more easily, and the braces on his forearms are heavier than anything in the known universe.

Personality wise, Mounterrox is a strong, stubborn old dragon, but he does know when to stop. Like the other Celestials, his wisdom over the earth and all that stand as it is invaluable.

In case, you didn't know, Dragon Sages are deities that take the forms of dragons, only to look more ferocious and unforgiving. Their elemental powers are limitless and are rivaled by none when it comes to only that. They all took an oath to protect the good people of the universe from any evil.

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