As Above...So Below Picture

Just the beginning to my Egyptian series. Not fully completed yet, but this is just a piece of the bigger whole. I used Adobe Illustrator CS to create this artwork and it is all handdrawn and tweaked within the program.

Thoth is the Egyptian God of Magick, Wisdom, and Writing. In Egyptian mythos, Thoth puts the phases of the moon back together. He was also responsible for restoring the left EYE of Ra called the Wedjat which is associated with the moon.

In my art, you can see Thoth repairing the phases of the moon around Thoth's pyramid temple as well as the giant sized EYE in the background. I also used the Illuminati symbol of the pyramid and eye that you can find on the back of a US dollar bill to emphasize the similarities between Egyptian mythology and the Illuminati. I included some stone pillars and other Egyptian symbols to give the picture even more meaning.
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