Wings of Passion -Triptych Picture

Created specifically for the contest “Empowering the woman within” [link]
Specs: original size 12284 x 9000 pixels
Media: Multimedia
Hand scans and petal elements are my own and so is the text
Flame stock [link]
Shoulder [link] now [link]
Eye [link]
Butterfly [link]
The Triptych incorporates my 3 prior submissions, I refer to them directly:
Center Panel Art: [link] Text on wing panels: [link] [link]

• The Power within as portrayed here is the Power of Soul, as in Anima, the Feminine Principle, in both the individual and the community, ultimately Anima Mundi.
The Triptych is a freestanding entity when open, the outside will be a mirror, so everyone engaging with the piece can see herself (or himself) reflected in it.
Keep in mind that this is a proposed concept layout; the completion rests on Community Participation, reminiscent of the initiatives for this IWW week.
I refer to the column of links to articles compiled in my “Giant Stamp for Womankind” [link]
• For the final realization of the columns of women on the wings it would involve a Stock Community effort to compile diverse shoulder /portraits of all ages and origins. In this layout one shoulder/portrait repeat is used as placeholder to represent the columns of women.
Additional elements are introduced to stress the symbolism and narrative of the texts.
Just to reiterate the prior descriptive:
I conceptualized the extended work as a Triptych, because in mythology the feminine always comes in threes, as do the stages of life Virgin/Mother/Crone. The center artwork would be flanked by 2 poems and edged in vertical columns of women’s portraits (on hinged side panels that close in the center, folding the columns of portraits in over the ‘spine’ of hands).
In the Triptych an additional narrative is introduced: Building Community from the power within.
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