The Second Unit Picture

The second Halion Team unit has arrived! I've had his design planned since a few days after I came up with Halion One, but I never got to give H-Two life until Christmas, when I began to brainstorm for him. Hard to believe Halion One is already a year and nearly a month old... they grow up so fast. *Sniff*

I wanted to give Two a more "military" look. So, instead of going with an "alien" coloring like One, I went with a green camouflage and streaks of silver/light grey. His eyes are orange and the visor a bright red, almost like a laser. He comes off to me with a bit of a mercenary vibe, which is good. I gave him an underbite rather than an overbite, as I feel it suited him better.

Instead of wielding a giant mace like Halion One's Ixion, Halion Two wields a big hammer called Gleipnir. In mythology, Gleipnir is the magical link used to restrain Fenrir. It's only fitting for the hammer to have a Norse vibe to its design.

I decide to give him a codename ("Horunn") just so I don't confuse him with One all the time.

He surges yellow lightning bolts instead of blue ones. His weapons are also less "energy" and more "s'plosions".

Also, I think this would make a great theme song for him:…
Man, those are some souvenirs right there... This is one of the songs that played in the two epic rock/metal hybrid mixes I had which I would always listen to when going to school. Always eases the bleh-ness of, you know, going to school. -w-
... I would only headbang to it when no one was looking...
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