Andrea Hecatonchires Picture

I was going to submit this OC to Halloween Academy [link]
But in the end I didn't make in time , since them i just let the draw in a past here on my pc ... poor oc ='(

*I'll paint it .. just need some more time cause i don't want to do it on flash ... i want to do in illustrator maybe(?)

Anyway, Andrea it's the son of a Hecatonchires, a Greece mythology giant with 100 hands ( For who don't know [link] ) and as he father he can use this same ability but a little different from what you guys may imagine, as you can see in the picture he don't take out from his body the 100 hands ... not always at least but this is part of the oc powers.

He has 18 years old and don't actually meet his father, he live's with he's mommy and went to Halloween Academy to study and know more about yourself , learn about hi's powers and abilities and meet some girls, unfortunately for him he didn't made in time and the doors were closed for him.... Yeah he's a little sad but.... he will be waiting to try again.
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