Kamen Rider Kiva - Day of War Picture

Top: Zakky, Kiva, Kiva with Hellgate armour, Vampire Avatar
Bottom: Megalodon Form, Fenrir Form, Ogre Form, FeMeOg Form

Zakky Pavmire was the human form of the Vampire Ra Zak Kul, a general of Ivan Ooze's army, and the antagonist of Goth City, facing off against the Grey and Bronze rangers, before he was split into his full demonic and human-vampiric forms by Ooze.

Following the destruction of Ooze, Zakky stayed in Goth City, unsure of how to use his powers and whether he should continue being good. After 6 months, when the meteors began to fall, and the Beasteorizers emerged, Zakky, along with a few allies, left for Marlborough Hills, to confront Kevin about his problems. Kevin, unsurprised that Zakky had come to him, gave him a crimson belt and told him this would keep his bloodlust at bay, and rejuvenate his failing powers, on the condition that he help the Beasteorizers as and when they needed him.

"What the f**k is that thing?" Zakky spat, as he felt the faint rustling of wings, mixed with an almost mechanical sound.

"It's the key to your powers. I call it Kivat." Kevin said, turning his back on the young vampire. "You’re a Rider now. We have a deal. Stick to it, and I'll overlook your antics for now. You still owe us for Goth City."

Zakky stared at the yellow bat like thing; it looked like something from a McDonalds kid's meal, "There's no f***ing way I'm wearing that..." he said, trying to swat the yellow bat away. It clamped its jaws around him hands and Zakky yelped at the sudden attack.

No sooner had that happened, but Zakky felt himself becoming enveloped in darkness, tendrils of them snaking around his body, until they dissipated, revealing a dark body suit, metal wings wrapped around his right leg, chained shut, and a helmet resembling his former Vampire Ranger one, but with crimson bug like eyes instead of a dark visor. A tight fitting, almost rigid trench coat with ripped off sleeves was around him. The yellow bat had taken residence upside down upon the centre of his belt.

"Now what?" Zakky called out, but to no answer. He looked over his suit once more, and felt a faint thump enter his ears. He wasn't hungry, in fact since he'd been dressed in this suit his hunger had stopped, but the thumping wouldn't stop. Intrigued, he leapt out of the 88th floor window and free fell down the building, his trench coat opening, allowing him to glide towards the thumping sound.

Landing, he saw Y faced grunts attacking a young woman; it was her heartbeat he could hear thumping in his head.

"Engage the grunts Zakky"

"Who said that?" he rasped, as he leapt into action.

"Kivat, who else?" the yellow bat replied as if it was an obvious answer. "Your darkness fuels me, and that allows me to supply you with the power to fight."

"Sorry bat boy, don't need your power to fight." Zakky spat, smashing the golden visor of a grunt but allowing another to dig into his back with its weapon. “OW!”

“Put the red fuestle into my mouth, and finish them.” Kivat advised.

“Anything to shut you up.” Zakky sighed, grabbing the red whistle like object from the left side of his belt, and inserting it into the little bat’s mouth with relish.

“Darkness Cover me!” Zakky and Kiva both said, the metal chains untightneding around Zakky’s right leg and the metal wings unfolding to reveal purple batwings; Zakky hopped onto his left leg and jumped as hard as he could, his strong vampiric muscles propelling him high into the night sky. He zoomed towards the grunts, who fired dark energy bolts at him, but to no avail. Zakky’s outstretched right foot went through all the grunts, fragmenting them in flames and purple energy.

Landing on the floor, hunched over and facing away from the destruction, Zakky stood up; his cells felt energized. He turned towards the young woman, growling a little as he walked towards her.

“You’re safe. Run home.” he said through clenched teeth. Once upon a time, he would have ripped her throat out and drank her sweet blood. But not now, he didn’t feel the urge to do so.

“W-Who are you?”

“Kiva…” Zakky said, looking at the yellow bat. “Kamen Rider Kiva.”

Zakky has the hellgate armour when he transforms (using the phrase 'Darkness Cover Me'), but he can remove it for enhanced speed.

When he uses the teal fuestle, Zakky's trench coat snakes around his right arm and he accesses the power of the Megalodon (A giant prehistoric shark). He has a shark shaped bow on his gauntlet and allows him to fire dark energy blasts.

When he uses the brown fuestle, Zakky's trench coat snakes around his left arm and accesses the power of the Fenrir (A giant wolf from Norse mythology). He has a spiky gauntlet and longer spikes on his knuckles, wields the Fenrir Fang (a large, twisted blade).

When he uses the orange fuestle, Zakky accessed the power of the Ogre, and can unleash Juggernaut like feats of power, but it slowed down considerably.

When combining all three forms, Zakky is almost unstoppable, however it can only be used for a few minutes before his power is drained and he must feed on fresh blood to recuperate.

His final form (instead of Emperor form) is his Vampire Avatar, where his suit flakes off and the purple demon forces its way through, allowing Zakky to be in his strongest form available. It resembles Ra Zak Kul, but unlike Ra Zak Kul it can only be accessed if Zakky has fed and then inserts the purple fuestle into Kivat's mouth.

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