Monster sketches Picture

Soon to be in scraps

From top to bottom

-Wadjet (I accidentally spelled her name wrong): A snake kaiju I'm working. I was partially inspired by the winged snake creature in Age of Mythology, and the actual Egyptian godess.

-Pre mutated Jovis: So I wanted to redo Jovis' background. Instead of being an alien, I wanted to create an earthly creature mutated by a nuke-like bomb (these days most monsters are a product of genetic engineering). He's some sort of new genus of reptile related to both lizards and crocodiles.

-Genghis: A giant, scorpion-like arthropod that burrows itself in the sand. I want to give him a neutral status in the saga, instead of the usual villain status scorpions get in T.V.

-Steve and Gatsby: I thought it would be a great idea to put them together. I mean, theit both sophisticated, British, and very intelligent.

-Pre-mutated Oncalon: So I made Oncalon's original form to be a new kind of Panthera species very closely related to all big cats. He's a fairly social big cat, but no where near as social as lions. He's larger than a Siberian tiger, weighing in at 800 pounds.
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