My Second Concept For Yasu Picture

Credit for the base goes to ~ShinanaEvangelian1.

Before I had distribute Yasu, she was just a concept that I was creating. I had spent weeks trying to develop her into the Yasu you all know today. After developing her looks, I knew she had to have a role to play in, so I made her as a minor bad guy who works for Taro (my other OC) in my next generation version of Naruto. Then I had to think up her special abilities/kekkei genkai. My initial idea was that she’d be in a clan of butterfly handlers, but I killed that idea cause then Choji’s clan came to mind. Yes, they weren’t butterfly handlers, but Choji’s special attack in pre-Naruto kinda made me threw away that concept.
My second concept was that she’d be a spider handler and one of her transformations would be that relating to the Japanese mythological monster, *Jurougumo (as seen in the picture). But then depression sat in when Kidomaru came to mind. Not only did he eight limbs similar to a spider, he could summon a spider too. The final concept was moths, I thought back in Naruto and not a single clan or ninja character known had summon moths. Plus moths are known to signify omens which would give a scary air to Yasu.

Jorougumo: A giant spider monster that changes into a woman

Yasu (C):
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