[huge fucking wip] maia sprite sheet Picture

ahaha i'm never finishing this
i'll just keep adding I guess
(if you didn't guess my name's Maia :I)

THAT TRICKSTER<33333333 it took really long for some reason haha

uhm excuse the sloppiness and weirdness of this bio i wrote at 3am enjoy
(i know it's a bit rambly and not very canon looking but i don't know)

Your name is MAIA CATINDIG and today, the THIRTEENTH OF JUNE, is your BIRTHDAY.

You have a VARIETY OF INTERESTS. ART SUPPLIES are scattered all over your room, due to your LAZINESS TO PICK THEM UP. You are very fond of THE CREATIVE ARTS, the only thing that could come close to how much you love them are INTERNET FANDOMS. The rest of your interests are silly things like BOOKS, TRIVIA, MYTHOLOGY, and THE DARK ARTS, among others. It's VERY HARD TO KEEP TRACK OF THESE THINGS because your interests CHANGE PERIODICALLY.

You have to deal with SHIFTING SPLIT OPPOSING PERSONALITIES, which is totally a thing. You just CAN'T SEEM TO BE HELD DOWN or LABELED AS ANYTHING. Some of the only things that don't change about you are CUNNING, AMBITIOUS, SARCASTIC, CONDESCENDING and VERY SNARKY. Although marvelously over-all you are still VERY FRIENDLY!! (:

Other shit:
derse dreamer
lusus- still deciding between a giant snake or a shark
bladekind and fistkind specibus
Witch of Mind
denizen is Cetus
i don't know her land yet
chumhandle- anomalousCapricious

i used a lot of bases and a lot says i don't need to credit so thank you (most are from homestuckresources on tumblr tho)
and ~tajazzled for the great outfits on their sheet (:

Edit1// added bio, updated some colors and outfits and shit, changed the troll version completely
Edit2// added cute little pixels in feastings' style!! o u o they're so fucking adorable!! ;w;

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