Of Discord Picture

:I Started out as a hand study.. and then I noticed that
I had a giant (gorgeous) apple sitting on my counter..~
SO I went with it. <3 Apples are pretty. Yes.

(Title regarding to the Apple of Discord, respectively. Since.. apples have oodles of symbolism under their skin- usually relating to sexuality and temptation and such. However, those don't fit the general feel. I don't think. So, I went with a Greek mythology reference- and yes, I know it's supposed to be a golden apple, but.. hey.. "green with envy" might.. work.. I SUCK. orz Srsly, I couldn't think of anything. And.. yes.)

Feat. Ai, my wonderful OC. Yay~

Made with Sai within about.. thirty minutes. :I
(HEY, I can draw again! How awesome!)
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