A Feast In His Honour Picture

ink & acrylic on paper, 2008

Ever-insisting that the only acceptable magick is its own, the church has traditionally churned out a plethora of scary stories about satanic, pagan and pre-christian spiritualities. Most prevalent is that of animal sacrifice, which is commonly reviled as one of the more despicable attributes of such traditions. Conveniently omitted from their account, however, is that after the animal is sacrificed, it is eaten. An animal is killed for food and thanks are given to whatever god is revered. There is no grocery-store-meat-department disconnect from the reality of this animal's supreme sacrifice; even its spirit is acknowledged and the last of its life's energy harnessed.

This artwork was particularly challenging for me, in that it was my first real attempt at drawing the naked male form. My honest assessment is that while it is not 100% perfect, it is an excellent start. This is the third and final study for the giant painting "Benevolent Craft"; this study's imperfections will be ironed out as the colour version is executed.
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