summer games KHR Picture

my....drawing..part of the collapsed in upon itself.
I've barely been doing any drawing of late, which usually only happens if i've been writing more. but I havent been doing that either.
(I have been reading more. books, but mostly avengers fanfics XD I. am. obsessed)

soo yeeeah sorry this sucks so bad. uh. I ..gave tsuna...facial hair..for..some reason?

this khr arc as well as giving me giant mammon feels, is making me a giant R27 shipper. they are honestly the most plausible couple next to cololal. even if you're just looking platonically, they probably care the most about eachother than anyone else in the series.
so yeah. I. drew...them...flirty...? idk fuck

(actually I have been drawing for animating things SO I have been drawing, I have serious pity for any future animators in the house, cus dat shits hard. I spent like a few hours doing crappy like..I think 22 frames. and I was so happy. and I played it back, and it was like less than a second worth of anything >< )

So, just general run down, if I draw anything in the next month it'll probably be>
teen wolf (dont judge me)
book/mythology related ..I'm reading both the heroes of olympus series, and a greek childrens book called 'Ο ΜΥΘΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΜΕΛΕΑΓΡΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΤΗΣ ΑΤΑΛΑΝΗΣ' because fuck you english thats why
and maybe then some random games/animes woooooooooooooo my life is so not exciting
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