Agu-Faruu Picture

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b>World Self Defense Force - Creature File #018
Designated name : Agufaru
Height : 54 meters/ 162 feet
Weight : Estimated 25,000 tons
Known Weaknesses : Theoretically, armor piercing missiles, maybe standard missiles.
Threat level : Low
Status : Active

Known history : In 1930, Soviet Scientists began genetic experiments to create giant warrior to protect their homeland from any threat. Rumor has it that the entire project was initially started due to the discovery of Atlantean script on creating giant creatures. Agufaru's project was named "Operation: Rain God", based on the east African mythology of "Agu-faruu".

Agufaru is apparently the combination of a Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) and a Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla). Due to this, he was docile compared to the other spawn of the Soviet Project, such as the ravenous Metabalo ( [link] ), or the horrific Unox ( [link] ). And instead of being confined to [location withheld], he was allowed to roam the Russian homeland.

Thanks to the experiment, Agufaru is extremely long-lived, and survived until modern day, when Borodan and Lazardo woke up in 1997. While Borodan traveled into the Atlantic Ocean, his foe Lazardo travelled eastward from his starting point at Spain's end of the Gibraltar. He eventually travelled into Mid-Asia, where is also where Agufaru wandered. Although normally docile, Agufaru was enraged by the encroachment of his territory. He attacked Lazardo, who responded in kind.

When Agufaru began to gain the upper hand, Lazardo resorted to using his eye-beam, which forced Agufaru into a hasty retreat to lick his wounds.

Behavior : Agufaru is a solitary, yet peaceful creature. He is normally observed lounging in the forests of India, uprooting trees and eating their foliage. Towards people, he is kind and seemingly curious, unless provoked, in which he can fly into a rage nearly unmatched in the world of giant monsters.

Known Attributes : Agufaru is armed with a tough nigh-impenetrable hide from is rhinoceros forbearer, and the humongous strength of the gorilla family. He also has an acute sense of smell and excellent eyesight. He is also equipped with dexterous hands and is able to make simple tools out of trees and boulders while fighting.
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