Huntress Mother Picture

Just a quick sketch I did of the goddess of both Chiharu and Stumpi's peoples, the Huntress Mother.

She is depicted as a giant purple(shut up xD) lioness with pure white eyes. She is seen in Chiharu's race to represent strength, leadership, and protectiveness. Stumpi's race sees her mostly as a figurehead of compassion.

They say that she and the Hunter Father are the "parents" of the ancestors of both races. At least according to both mythologies, which, after that point, are quite different. xD

Anyway, again, it's not that good. Just a quickie done for me to lay out his basics. I'll probably scrap it later. ^^

Huntress Mother goddess © Chiharu Nekama 2007
Art © Chiharu Nekama 2007
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