Fallay Picture

Day 7: Sun

Species name: Fallay (FAL-ay)
Size: Half a metre at the shoulder
Niche: Herding photosynthesiser
Distribution: Uncommon, but occur in quite large numbers where they are found. They tend to live in grasslands or light scrub.
Noteworthy features: The Fallay has photosythetic algae which live in the yellow fronds and provide it with energy and carbohydrates, but it still needs to graze for the minerals and other nutrients the algae can't provide. This does mean unlike other grazers they don't need to chew the cud so can spend more time moving around looking for seeds or fruit to supplement their diet. In local mythology a giant Fallay is said to carry the sun across the sky.

So sun, it had to be photosynthetic. And if an animal did form an association with an alga, it would be more like a lichen than a plant (since lichens are fungi-algae associations and fungi are closely related to animals). Also, lichen are amazing. The sporangia are arranged in a pattern similar to the flowers of sun spurge, and the neck and head were inspired by a sun bear.

I really like how this came out, artistically it's my favourite so far. It did take quite a while though, so I still need to work on the style a bit more. I think in the last two drawings I finally remembered how to do shadows properly, which is good.

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