Marco vs. Alexander Picture

This is what happens when June ( :iconkimkairo: ) and I are bored in class and start writing conversations in my notebooks.

I present to you: Marco vs. Alex

Marco (One Piece) is the first commander of the Whitebeard pirates, who\'s eaten the Phoenix mythological zoan fruit.

Alexander (June\'s OC) is general of the graveyard shift and prince of the assassin community in St. Maya

Lorelei (girl in second last panel) is general of pure bloods in the assassin community of St. Maya

1st Panel
Alex (drawn by June) is bothering Maroco (drawn by me)

2nd Panel (drawn by me)
Marco has gotten enough of Alex and bites him

3rd Panel (drawn by June)
Alex uses his awesome amazing extraordinary inferno abilities to burn Marco into a crispy chicken dinner

4th Panel (drawn by me)
NEWSFLASH! Marco is a phoenix! Fire can not kill a phoenix. This Alex was not aware of. Marco attacks!

5th Panel (drawn by June)
Alex flees in order to get aid from his friends. Lorelei to the rescue! Lorelei sends a giant tidal wave in Marco\'s direction!

6th Panel (drawn by me)
Marco got wet! It is super effective! He, dizzy, confused and wet, reverts back to his human form.

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