10-20-08 Beholder Picture

From Dungeons & Dragons

I like to draw teeth and eyes (among other things), and good-old Beholder has alot of both. One of D&D's original monster (a monster that doesn't exist in mythology, and was designed exclusivly for the game).
I like D&D; I might not play it often, but it is one of my hobbies. With that said, I want to point out that sometimes being creative isn't going to work. While monsters like beholder are cool, if you scan though a D&D monster manual; you will notice that there are alot of really lame D&D monsters. From giant Hamsters, to smelly cows from hell, to man-eating topiary bushes. Sometimes, creativity is a bad thing.
Anyway, I'd like to say I made my Beholder look ferocious, but he just kinda' looks stoned.
"Hey man, can I have your last twinkie?"

D&D is the intellectual property of Gary Gygax (Raise a tost to the recently departed), Dave Arneson, and Wizards of the Coast
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