Sina - SHE HAS FOUR ARMS Picture


I believe this is the MOST COMPLICATED thing I have ever drawn.
Though, she looks unproportionate. I gave her a bigger shoulder span because of having four arms, and one of her legs is more forward than the other... lol XD
Go Me!

Her name is Sina, pronounced like Sheena, and unlike Jeremy, David, Harusaru, Fuyutora, and Akitori ....


However, she is not part of one of my stories. She is a result of an incredibly EPIC roleplay. AND I cannot claim any ownership over her design because it was based off of Hindu Goddesses.

I have a friend in India (yes, I have friends all over the world. More giants on the way! lol.) who had made a Dwarf Giant because he liked the ones that I had shown him a few months ago. However, he could not for the life of himself create a story for this character, Asura. So I helped him.

We decided to create another world for our story. We call it Neoeddo (nay-oh-ed-oh). Don't ask why. We just liked it.

When Sina was born, she was almost worshipped as a goddess- however, she brought nothing but terror with her. Upon her birth, she had let loose a terrible demon into the world. So instead of being worshipped, or even liked, Sina was hated by all she met. And wherever Sina went, the demon followed her. Most believed that she herself was the demon. In her shame, she went around wearing a large cloak with only two arm holes, so she would appear normal.

When a Captain of one of the Emperor's guard squads was murdered by the demon, the emperor sent forth his best men to kill her. One of the men was Asura, a Dwarf Giant, who was the one who eventually found her. For the life of him, he couldn't kill her. (plus, he didn't know she had four arms) He sympathized with her when she said she had done nothing wrong, simply lived, and decided he would not kill her, but help her escape to the next country.

HOWEVER, before they can make it there, bad stuff happens. But I won't tell you what it is because that's a secret XD! If you really wanna know, you could always note me and ask XD!!

I love Asura and Sina, they're some of the coolest characters ever.

Bonus: Asura was given his name because in Indian mythology, there was a race of giants called Daitya. These Daitya can also be called Asuras, though that name can also be applied to another race I believe.

Sina was given her name in honor of Shiva (also spelled Siva), a male god with 4 arms. The V was flipped to an N similarly to how the male and female signs are very similar when flipped. ♀♂

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