The Mushroom Goddess Picture

"Fungal mythology speaks of a beautiful goddess with eyes the colour of the sky and hair the colour of flames who brought down the rebels and reunited brown and red mushrooms to live in harmony together. Rather than stay behind and rule over mushroom kind, the goddess moved on to travel with one borne from the End and a giant mute lizard. Many of shroom kind still worship the goddess and await her return."

Okay, so I saw that some of my neighbours fairy circles were starting to grow back and it made me think that fairy circles could actually be mushroom churches and then somehow this happened.

I'd like to think that each of the mushrooms in this picture are significant historical figures, like the two brown mushrooms on Zoey's shoulder started the first interracial mushroom school for underprivileged mushrooms and the red one with them was a pupil of the school who took over ownership after the other two passed. The red one on her other arm originally started the church of Zoey but is considered a controversial figure as he's also been linked to several mass killings in the name of the goddess. The mushrooms in her crown were all previous heads of the church.

I realize none of this makes since to anyone outside the Blackrock fandom. Um, yeah, sorry (・・; )

Also, this was my first time fully finishing a digital "realism" piece, so that's why it's pretty messy. I spent like 12+ hours on it, but most of that time was spent redoing things I'd just done, trying to research mushrooms, and drawing all of that damn lace. There are a lot of things I wish I'd done better, but I'm okay with how it came out for a first time UwU

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