Happy Halloween .Afghanistan. Picture


Boy I haven't updated in a while, huh?
Anyway this is my APH OC Afghanistan, sporting her Halloween costume.

She's dressed as the Tora Bora Cave Demon. She plans to scare Alfred with it, because the cave demons are often soldier legends about soldiers being attacked or killed by these giant bat demons.

Cave demons in general, are actually more African based, but the mythology spread quickly and became a general bat cave myth. Cave demons are 5 foot tall giant bats that have aerie feminine features. They attack people who enter the cave and eat them.
The Tora Bora cave demons are relatively new, as American soldiers often make up these types of myths when they are at war in a foreign land. For instance there is a similar legend like the Tora Bora demon in Vietnam, that was told during the Vietnam War.

Hope you like her costume!
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