BattStar MacRoss pg20 Picture

Macross by Studio Nue, Robotech and vehicles owned by Harmony Gold blah blah....

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Please don't send me hate mail for painting MinMei as a negative migrant stereotype. The truth is a lot of Chinese women are in her exact situation. Of course everyone wants to be a professional and earn their own success, but tell you what, I wouldn't be ashamed of marrying up to a better life!!!

Macross and Robotech mythology puts the Valkyrie as the best figther there is blah blah blah.
Okay, the truth is, even with overtech, the VF-1's geometry would make it an appalling fighter jet as well as a substandard giant robot.

In my version of this story, the VF-1's ability to transform allowed it to be used in tactics on Earthbound conflicts. Thus winning the production contract, since giant robots are utterly useless for human-human conflicts on earth.

There! I have said it! Mech's are useless in human warfare!!! they are expensive, difficult to deploy and support, have appallingly high profile for the enemy to target, and cannot be as fast and armored as an equal weight tank.

The only point of having a giant robot is to commandeer ships and weapons used by giant aliens. Period.
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