Golems of Normandy Picture

Here is the colored version of the "D-Day Golems" drawing that I submitted earlier. I know that I could definitely add more shadows, and I may eventually, but this is it for now. As I said before, I tried to make some of the soldiers in the boats reacting in a realistic manner. My explanation for the ones who are just standing there: Well, er, I guess they're paralyzed with fear. =/

This is the story behind it (copied+pasted from the non-color one's description):

I thought of an idea for a story using two things I'm sort of interested in: World War II and mythology-type creatures. Nazi scientists opened a dimensional portal that gave them access to all kinds of mythological creatures and things. In this drawing, the German army is using these stone golem giant things on the beaches on D-Day. They were disguised as bunkers and then broke out as the Allied boats came in. Eventually, the Allies get access to some of their own supernatural creatures, too.

EDIT: I changed some colors and added some shadows now (since the first upload), and updated the file here to show that.
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