Fenrir Picture

The story: One day Odin stumbled upon Loki's family. He cast Hel into Helheim and threw Jormungand into the sea. But took Fenrir back to Asgard with him, so he could keep an eye on him and possibly turn him into a guard dog. Tyr was given the duty of Kennel master, But Fenrir grew at an alarming rate and became Ferocious and menacing. So it was decided that Fenrir be restrained. Twice snapping the chains Which with he was intertwined with. So the Gods called in the technical experts known as dwarves. Instead of a heavy-duty macho chain, they forged a very slender little ribbon which hardly seemed up to the job. It was fashioned from the following magical ingredients:

The Sound of a Prowling Cat
The Beard of a Woman
The Roots of a Mountain
The Sinews of a Bear
The Breath of a Fish
and the Spittle of a Bird.

Surprising enough the silly little ribbon was infinitly tough and was more than enough to keep the giant wolf restrained.

Fenrir, however ,declined until Tyr put his hand in his wolfish mouth as a gesture of trust. The wolf was bound over now and had to keep peace. And he also kept Tyr's hand...which he bit off.

When Ragnarok comes, Fenrir will manage to break his bonds and join the giants against their final battle against the gods.

The story was obtained from GodChecker.com here is the link, all of the writeing is theirs www.godchecker.com/pantheon/no…
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