Legacy of Kaina Picture

Behold, the Legacy of Kaina. This is what can probably be considered a bad joke, or maybe a good one. Depends on your point of view. This was probably half insanity and half a creative excuse to draw all sorts of goth type chics. At any rate, I took all of the characters from SR1 and inverted their gender (except, the elder god might still be male). I'm fairly happy with most of them, except for Kaina. Some of them translated over to females better than others. I paid attention to the faces and relative sizes of the originals and preserved as much as was feasible. I changed some elements from the original costumes to make them more friendly to the female form, and of course they each have a unique customized top. On the sides I put them in birth order except for the female version of Raziel. The reason for this was that I originally had no intention of putting her on there, but later decided to add her because it would have looked lame if one of the squares on the bottom was missing.

In case anyone cannot read my splendid handwriting, on the left from top to bottom we have Turella, Dumanna, and Rahab. On the right from top to bottom we have Zephanie, Mel, and Razaline. I didn't mutilate Rahab's name because it was already a female name to begin with. "Rahab" was a giant female sea monster from ancient Near Eastern mythology. Turella and Dumanna are obviously the female jocks. I decided to go punk with Zephanie and I put her in a thin fishnet type thing for her top. I don't know how successful I was at depicting that. I used to always think those were cool when I was in high school. Mel is more of an emo type, and you can see her eyeliner has been running from all the crying. I just thought, female version of Melchiah = Emo. Obviously Mel isn't bald. Reason: I absolutely hate it when women are bald. It makes me angry and revolted when I see it. Aside for surgery there is absolutely no reason why a woman should ever shave her head. It's freaking sick and obscene. OK I'm done preaching.

I thought about doing a short comic with these jokers, don't know if it would be worth the effort. If enough people request the comic then I will do it.

Of course I'm angry at my scanner for fading my colors and adding pixilation, more on that later.

To see just the original lineart: [link]
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