Order Of The Apocalypse Picture


new villains for Beyond The Wasteland 4...

from left to right:

1. pest [link]
short for pestilence, because he's really annoying. despite of his young face, he's a genius chemist, extremely talented in making poisons and antidotes. he's also insane. he poisons people just for the fun of it. each person that dies because of his poison will leave a wound on his body, that's why he got so many scars, except for his face, which is kinda 'reserved' for his loved one. he poisoned his girlfriend [again, just for the fun of it] and her death left three deep wounds on his face because he lost the most important person in his life. it is believed that if he lost another important person, another deep wound will appear on his face.

2. rufus [link]
an old man that loves fighting. he has an eccentric taste on clothing, preferring armours and chain mails to normal clothes. he's an excellent swordman. his character is not yet developed... *sigh*

3. lynard
the villain from Beyond The Wasteland 3. he's driven by revenge and hatred toward normal human in general and eric specifically. he was shot and assumed dead in the end of BTW3. in BTW4, he is back and takes control of the underground city - the slum area beneath the city of zatga, recruiting criminals and crooks for his mission. he has half-dragon blood from his ancestor and can easily manipulate mythological beings, such as dragons and lamias.

4. sharra-ishtar
the wife of lynard. she's the queen of lamias that live in the desert. she found dying lynard one day and intended to eat him, but she is half-manipulated by and half-want-to-manipulate lynard. she agrees to help him revenging himself by lending him her lamias army, with a condition that he agrees to take her as his wife. lynard agreed, not knowing that when he finally gets his revenge, she will eat him. [she's more like a black widow spider than a lamia...
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