Me v.s. the Myth Picture

My final oil painting while I'm here in China, and I wanted to go out with a bang.

This painting is the biggest I've ever done, 6.5 feet by 5.0 feet.
Also, I usually never paint any kind of landscape or scene.

Ok, so this is me, in a coolio pose, facing off against the monkey king (who is a very famous and prominent figure in Chinese mythology and folk tales). Behind me is a phoenix, chinese dragon, 2 giant lion guardians, and 2 nondescript spirits sitting on top of the green roof.

This painting does NOT mean I feel like I am constantly fighting against China, rather it means that much of what goes on here feels at odds with my western/American sensibilities, and the contrast is rather extreme.

EDIT: Uploaded new picture of the piece. Changed some of the colors on myself (minor but make a difference), and this photo looks more like the painting looks in real life.
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