"The Merlyynn" Picture

Good evening everyone. I hope you all are enjoying your week-ends as much as I! Tonight, I would like to dedicate this piece, entitled "Merlyynn" to my #1 fan and dear friend, Marlene (aka. Shahlaa). She and I share a love of this period of history, which I, and I'm sure she feels very strong ties to. I wanted to make this "Merlin" a more true to life and realistic to the period character for you, Marlene. And not the typical archetype "Gandalf Style" wizard. Mainly because of your strong beliefs and connection to the earth Mother Goddess, I wanted him to come out of the Druidic Tradition!


Enjoy, Marlene
So Mote It Be ;o)

"Merlyynn And The Gleam"

O YOUNG Mariner,
   You from the haven
   Under the sea-cliff,
   You that are watching
   The gray Magician
   With eyes of wonder,
   I am Merlin,
   And I am dying,
   I am Merlin
   Who follow The Gleam.


   Mighty the Wizard
   Who found me at sunrise
   Sleeping, and woke me
   And learn'd me Magic!
   Great the Master,
   And sweet the Magic,
   When over the valley,
   In early summers,
   Over the mountain,
   On human faces,
   And all around me,
   Moving to melody,
   Floated The Gleam.


   Once at the croak of a Raven who crost it,
   A barbarous people,
   Blind to the magic,
   And deaf to the melody,
   Snarl'd at and cursed me.
   A demon vext me,
   The light retreated,
   The landskip darken'd,
   The melody deaden'd,
   The Master whisper'd
   "Follow The Gleam."


   Then to the melody,
   Over a wilderness
   Gliding, and glancing at
   Elf of the woodland,
   Gnome of the cavern,
   Griffin and Giant,
   And dancing of Fairies
   In desolate hollows,
   And wraiths of the mountain,
   And rolling of dragons
   By warble of water,
   Or cataract music
   Of falling torrents,
   Flitted The Gleam.
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