The Brute -Valhalla series 1 Picture

He is known simply as "The Brute" It is whispered that he was fathered by a giant, because his unnatural size and strength are far greater then that of an ordinary mortal man. He lives alone in the hills above the village where he was born, appearing only when the long ships are loaded and the other Viking men make ready for a raid...The company he chooses to fight with will be unusually successful, since he fights for the pure enjoyment of it, and takes little treasure for himself.
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This is one of the pieces I took to MileHiCon. Number 1 of my Valhalla series (Viking/Nordic mythology). It started off as a concept for a Vikings vs Romans game we made in Game art project class. I hope to continue the series, and do a series on Egyptian mythology and possibly other ancient mythologies too!
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