Lloyd's Potatoes: Number 2 Picture

Again... Don't ask about the comic's title.

I'm sure most people are looking at this with a puzzled look on their face saying, "How is this funny? I don't get it..."
Well............ Here's an explanation.
Our little friend, Yggy has some history behind him. In Norse Mythology, Yggdrasill is the tree of life. This tree of life is a Giant Ash tree ((the dictionary knows all)). Hmmm... well now I wonder... Emerald Ash Borers are those insects that destroy Ash trees. They're the things that are making tree huggers pee themselves.
Mr.Yggy had a spasm b/c of the fact that he is named after an ash tree. I guess that he loves his name a little too much to the point where he thinks that an Ash Borer would somehow detect his treeyness and then destroy him.
AND THAT, MY FRIENDS... IS HOW YOU WOULD AND SHOULD DEFEAT YGGDRASILL. Lloyd doesn't know how powerful he is for kicking Yggy's butt without laying a finger on him.

Random Fact... Yggdrasill is not pronounced "Yoooooog-draaaah-seeeeoooul" or however they say it on the game. Holy crap! That bugged me, especially when I already knew how to pronounce it properly. I wanted to shoot Rodyle or whoever pronounced it wrong first. Oh yeah, and it really only has one "L", but ToS spells it differently

Here's Merriam Webster audio proof: [link]

Lloyd and Yggdrasill are NAMCO's property
And the comic was by Me! XD

EDIT- Whoops! I forgot to credit the picture! I don't remember the original owner of the picture, but I found it on Google.
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