Give Us A Smile Picture

I'm in the process of designing a monster species that has this for a head. Like.. they just have severed stumps for necks and this floats above that. This is gonna be my version of cewri (welsh giants/titans) for my videogame.
They have strange sexual dimorphism, females are entirely just a big screaming floating human head (still attatched in the middle of a gold circle like this) varying from the size of a van to as big as a mountain. And males are herbiverous centipedey humanoids with just a mouth for a face. The intersex gender is the one that has this special head here, as it's a combination of the two.
If you slay one of these powerful beasts you can take its head for use as a very effective chakram! They retain a bit of thier strange levitatey gravity and will return to your hand after each toss. They're also prized as a source of unquenchable light, much like the hand of glory in real life folklore.
But you'd be kind of a douche to kill a cewri. They don't attack mortals unless provoked and pose no threat whatsoever aside from roaming around looking scary. Which is enough for us people to hunt them to near-extinction....
I kinda wanted a "rawr! knights always hunt giants and somehow that's good!" type of story which actually points out the weirdness of how the knights are supposed to be heroes. It's funny how early giant tales started off justified, having them be sentient and knowingly evil- attacking villages or stealing princesses, and then it just evolved into leaving that part out cos everyone KNOWS a giant is evil! Suddenly becoming rather depressing stories when you think about it.. looking like some sort of creepyweird culture where people murder random defenseless animals as a right of passage. Jack and the Beanstalk is incredibly offputting cos the giant is still sentient and does nothing to deserve being robbed and murdered...
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