Ancient Scandinavia Picture


ive had an idea down for ancient scandinavia for a long time now. i was inspired to create my own from seeing 2 other artists interpretations...i just...didnt like how they made him act/look....but i lovelovelove the idea of ancient scandi being a father figure to norway denmark and sweden and partly finland and not so much to iceland.

finland is a adoptive son, and he found finland and then he met Sami and finland and norway liked sami alot. iceland wasnt met til the end of his lifetime really.

the spread of christianity was his downfall. first denmark was converted then norway and finally sweden, and when sweden was converted he disappeared. ive had the notion to have keivan rus have a sort of crush on him.

germania arent friends but they arent enemies either, having a somewhat similar language and whatnot i guess *shrug*

Denmark's giant axe is actually his and Den took it from him when he disappeared.

LOLOLOL I ACTUALLY SAW A CLOAK THAT HAD A HOOD THAT WAS SO BIG THEY COULD PUT SMALL CHILDREN IN DER SO I WAS LIKE "hohoho i like this' and drews it. because the image of wee norway and finland sittin in there is just too sweet.

hes really really tall. i wanted him to be this forboding intimidating giant guy (cuz i secretly have a thing for tallness) with a gorgeous body. it must be midmonth for me. anywho. i actually wanted to give him a looser shirt but i liked his arms and torso too much and just said 'fuck it lemme makeit skintight'.
so yes i know his outfit is so unrealistic but when i draw him later on ill use accurate norse clothes. to an extent.

im aware i have anatomy problems.

he wears a gauntlet in battle cuz gauntlets are awesome nuff sed.

hm. i read somewhere that while homosexuality wasnt particulary accepted back then, it was acceptable for men to have sex with each other as the long as you werent the bottom. hm. kinda redundant right?

it was normal for him to bring 2 or more girls back with him to his quarters...yeah. hehe. hot viking sex. of course these girls were usually slaves. but. yknow. i wouldnt consider it want it. of course after he found sami he naturally stopped that habit. when they married he was the only girl for him. chastity was important to an extent back then as it is today. a woman that lost her virginity before marriage was looked down apon. im not sure if the same could be said for the males. >>

with friends and family he was very nice. to me hed be like that one fav uncle you have. in battle he was terrifying, he was emotionless except for rage. beserkergang and all.
in fact i think there were 2 types of vikings. the normal raider ones and the...more traditional ones that were know for violence which were the beserkers. i think they had a mental disorder.

hed enjoy a good round of ale (not beer). but he tries to avoid getting drunk...altho...he finds it hard to resist sometimes....being the only drink available that was safe to drink bac then.

the beads in his hair were carved by his kids as a thank you for being there kinda deal...yknow...kinda like fathers day gift. he keeps them in at all times.

Sami and Scandi were deeply in love for they lived for each other. Sami wandered into his range during the winter months and when she stumbled upon Scandis village they immediatly became close. she didnt go with him on raids because her kind of lifestyle didnt really appeal to that...but she did enjoy the many trinkets and valuables scandi brought home with him. Sami gave their 'family' the needed normalities and comforts a family while scandi offered her protection. Her people range from norway finland and sweden and parts of russia. as such her range was rooted in Scandis range so they kinda lived with each other.

a common misconception about the vikings back then were that they were dirty savages. they were actually very concerned with their hygein, taking baths every week, combing their hair and changing their clothes frequently, which was a very un-christian thing to do back then (ewwwwww....wtfreligion) he does have a beard but he found it getting a bit too dirty too often so hed shave it (not well) off. he still has a stuble everyday. and he loves baths. he takes one every saturday. in something similar to a finnish sauna.(and this is where the little Finn gets his friggin obsession from!) he would wash his face and hands every morning and would scold his children for not doing so. something that denmark would do often. when iceland was found he discovered the wonders of the hot springs and absolutely fell in love with them lol. in a sense he was kind of a neat freak. yeah....did you know vikings were amongst the cleanliest europeans of the middle ages?

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