Ymir and Ragnarok Picture

***it WAS supposed to be for off white contest, but i made better picture. any-who, hope you still enjoy.******

I know, it's not the best, but i became bored with my idea and started a new one. I wish my scanner was working better, need to purchase new one, because the original is so much better. Anyway, this is Ragmrok, the stallion, and Ymir, the mare.

Ragnarok, the red spirit, guards the end. i came up with this idea while working on my Seven Seals of the Apocalypse and thought, "hey if the end is supposed to come on a horse then why can't the beginning?" Ragnarok is also norse for the end, and it's was believed that when the end of the world did arrive, there would be many major events that would leave the world a burning mess, but it wasn't a complete end for there would be survivors. And that would be where Ymir comes in.

In norse mythology, Ymir was actually a giant, whose body was used by Odin to make the universe, and the Nine worlds. Nothing on his body went to waste as we all were created, and but instead i used a horse. Ymir in the end protects the beginning, while Ragnarok guards the end.

As you can see, wherever the little mare steps, life blooms, but where the stallion steps, it's destroyed. I liked it, but now i wish i knew how do photoshop and create digital art, because this would look sick if i could. anyway enjoy.

Ragnarok -The End
Ymir- The Beginning.
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