Kapre Picture

A kapre is a large tree giant that is often characterized smoking a large piece of tobacco that seemingly never runs out. It lives in large trees such as balete. Despite being fairly large as the tree it lives in, it is capable of living in the tree without being noticed by people. Kapre are normally neutral in nature though they are known to play pranks on others every once in awhile. Befriending one is always a good idea as kapre are often always loyal to their friends. Making one an enemy is likewise a very bad idea.

Kapre are often bachelors by nature, preferring to live a lifestyle of single male freedom. However every once in awhile, one gets lonely for some female company. When a kapre spots someone in particular they like, it usually spells trouble. In their attempt to woo the girl they like, they often cause all sorts of inconveniences. Their gifts, while lavish, are often too big to fit in the houses that the girls they like live in. They are also notoriously bad singers when it comes to serenading to their love at the middle of the night. The worse of it all however is that kapre often produce more secondhand smoke when they are in love, so much that it is often too much for anyone to bear.

Despite the inconveniences they produce, relationships with kapre are usually good. Kapre are very faithful to their wives. Even when a kapre's wife is long since departed, which is often the case since kapre live very long lives, they continue to remain faithful to the very day they die. Furthermore, the dowry that a kapre usually pays to his wife's family is usually very expensive and worthwhile, provided they can find enough room to store the dowry.
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