Choose Wisely Picture

"How about this one?"

"Hm. He doesn't look too bad. What'd he do?"

"It says 'murder, torture, necromancy, and littering'."

"Yeah, no. Sorcerers are a pain in the ass. I don't want to have to fight skeletons and dead guys to get to him. Plus, necromancers smell."

"Oh, here's a really big one."


"Right here. See."

"...I dunno."

"What? She doesn't look too tough."

"Yeah, but a bounty that size spells trouble. She's probably, like, twenty feet tall and she can fly. I wish they would put some kind of description on these. Like...height. Or species."

"Why? Have you ever ended up biting off more than you can chew?"

"You could say that."

"....oh, that one has species on it."

"Yeah, but that's not a bounty for a criminal. That's more some kind of thing they want you to bring in so they can study it. Plus, they can only assume what species it is."

"Still, it's got a giant bounty on it's head."

"Probably because its so dangerous."

"Well, you're a bounty hunter now. Sort of. You live a life of danger and excitement and swashbuckling adventure."

"And bruises and cuts and bites and giants with big clubs and men in suits of armor and necromancers and growing fairies and getting sat on and being smothered and getting rocks thrown at me and getting impaled on spikes of ice and giant girls dressed in killer whale costumes and old guys with giant hammers and run on sentences and getting stabbed a lot and seeing ghosts of girls who can still hurt me and giant busty vampires and buxom nymphs telling me what to do and throwing stars and ninjas and alchemists with explosive flasks and albino swordsmen and mummies and almost having my soul stolen from me and guns and battleaxes and ghost trains and ships and haunted tunnels and big 'ol booties and demon hunters and rival bounty hunters and shit..

Little bits of lore and atmosphere. I whipped this up in a very short amount of time and it came out okay. Not great. Not fantastic. But I did try to add a little bit of detail here and there to bring it to life. I have no idea if it worked, probably fucking not, but I was more or less okay with the way it came out.

Tried for slightly more dynamic curves on Leona. Not much. But a leetle bit.
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