Tarkaria: A Hyracoids tale draft 3 Picture

Where do you go when Alicorns, Alternate universes, & overall Hollywoodization becomes the norm for producers, but too much for the audience they’re selling to?
Simple. You go to the repository for humanities thoughts, feelings, & dreams. You go to that recess in your inner subconscious where everything you can & can’t imagine becomes reality. You go to that one, One spot in this world where everything is as it always was meant to be.
You go to The Hollow Earth.
Yes, A Hyracoid’s tale has started production again. Over the summer, we here at VCS hope to get the first part of this 3 part miniseries up for the general consumer to enjoy. Suggestions will be asked by the public on Tumblr, Deviantart, & Youtube on what they’d like to see as a result of this series.
This series is meant to take the aspect we loved about differing fantasy & fairy-tale genres and expand upon them. This is why feedback is so important to us in these periods of production. For those just joining in on the idea, the series is about a young Hyracoid named Jack. Jack, the Equiceras [horse-rhino hybrid] was born with the ability to manipulate matter, a skill only known to be originated from The Minianate, the five extra-terrestrial kings of the Hollow Earth. Now jack must learn to use his matter manipulation abilities by traveling across the interior of the earth along side his comrads in a group known as Marabeita.
Now, in no particular order, the characters.

1. Jack: Lead protagonist & wielder of the matter manipulation abilities.
2. Eliah: Older brother of Jack, & known to be quite the ladies man. Or, Mares…. Man, Stallion… IDK.
3. Zaish: Life long friend of Jack, known through out Tarkaria as Draco-Meandera (Wandering Dragon.)
4. Argen: A kind o pegasis, except a little more plausible once we publish more on Dragons, & Hyperborean genetic engineering.
5. Tarpan: A Hybrid of a horse & a tapir, a.k.a. an Equitapirus. Head medical officer.
6. Bronton: Horse/ Brontothere Hybrid (Brontohippus), Bronton was once a happy soul until a Thylacosmilus killed his family, & gave him his scars.
7. Chal: The normally passive Chalicotherium’s character is abruptly inverted in the fisty, gun happy, & all around trigger pully Chal.
8. Tele: Best friend of Chal, & just as trigger crazed, yet maybe a little more restraint….. not by much though.

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