freyja's tears Picture

I'm on a giant Norse mythology kick now because of the last unit we had.

But I don't do classy/fancy explanations so here's the crash course:

Freyja is the goddess of fertility and is married to Odur. She likes shiny things and wants to get the giants to possibly give her something, but Odur won't let her out of his sight because everyone's always trying to fucking marry her or have sex with her because she's bootylicious. So she sneaks out of the house one day and has sex with some dwarves who take her to see the giants and they give her some bling-bling. So then she goes back to her house expecting her husband to forgive her and think she's even more beautiful with her necklace, and he's nowhere to be found. It turns out he's out looking for her and now he's like gone forever or something.

BUT ANYWAY. Freyja was sad when she realized this was all happening because she was a selfish whore and wears the necklace as a badge of shame. She cries tears of red gold. It's all very dramatic.

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