Maulverine: The Predatory Powerhouse Picture

Maulverine, or Maul for short, is an idea I've been meaning to implement for a while, though his design wasn't finalized until recently. His origin is twofold: I wanted to create a rival for Poultrasaurus, and also a kaiju based on a wolverine. In mythology, the animal immune to the basilisk/cockatrice was the weasel. Weasel kaiju are few and far between as it is, but I did not want to go with a regular weasel because it would feel like copying ~FakaPokeBio's Spartacus, which I believe is THE weasel kaiju par excellence. I chose a wolverine instead because it only made sense, what with wolverines being the largest known mustelids and all their natural BAMF-ness.
This being KK, however, I felt that an ordinary giant wolverine simply wouldn't do. Then I remembered the OTHER Wolverine. I'm not much of a Marvel Comics fan, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine was lots of good fun, and Wolverine's powers would be perfect on a kaiju based on his namesake. So there.

Maul is a Red-team kaiju, natch. Though he isn't the biggest or strongest kaiju around - he's in the Middleweight Class or Class MW due to his size, and he's got no ranged attacks whatsoever - he is one of, if not the most aggressive, picking fights with anyone else in the area, friend and foe alike. I figured this personality would suit him best because wolverines in every sense of the word are portrayed as fierce in nature, especially where their size is concerned. It also keeps with the standard of inverting the common trope in animal-related stories where mammals are the heroes and anything else is treated as an enemy, since a vast majority of KK's reptilian, avian, and invertebrate kaiju are generally good-natured, often docile beasts, whereas those derived from mammals tend to be introduced as being total jerks.
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