PepperMint 2.0 Picture

This is an updated reference sheet/bio for my OC Peppermint.

I gave her more dimension and a bigger background and backstory. I also made the source of all her extrasensory powers hinged on the items she carries being enchanted, not truly her own power.
Alphyn’s aren’t actually all that powerful, and most is speculated since they are an ancient mythical creature. Most story’s about them is Celtic or Nordic, so PepperMint will be tied to Nordic culture like the old gods and valkyries.
Alphyn’s were thought to be swift messengers of the old gods, helping good wayward people and spirits find where they belong, while banishing evil spirits and killing wicked people. Seeing one was either good luck, or a sign your end was near. Most Alphyn’s are powerless, though it was said that some breathed fire or ice. Most stories depict them as cunning, able to disguise themselves as a human child to ease the minds of the dying.

Nine Realms of Norse Mythology:

The three worlds above the earth, in heaven:
1. Múspellsheimr (Muspelheim or Muspell) -Primordial element of Fire
2. Álfheimr (Alfheim) -Elves
3. Ásgarðr (Asgard) -Gods

The three worlds on earth:
4. Vanaheimr (Vanaheim) -Gods
5. Miðgarðr (Midgard) -Humans
6. Jötunheimr (Jotunheim) -Giants

The three worlds below the earth, in underworld:
7. Svartálfaheimr (Svartalfheim) -Dwarves
8. Niflhel (Hel) -Corpses, the other world of the dead
9. Niflheimr (Niflheim) -Primordial element of Ice

Art/PepperMint © Nicole A. Smith AKA ->~LightDragon777
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