The Spectre Picture

The Spectre is a modern god and superhero in the DC Comics canon. He was created by Jerry Siegel (co-creator of Superman) and Bernard Baily, and made his first appearance in More Fun Comics #51.

In early appearances, The Spectre was depicted as the spirit of a deceased cop that was on a mission to fight crime on earth. Like many popular comic book characters, the decline in popularity of the comic genre lead to a hiatus in the 1950�s. Once the comic business picked up again in the mid 1960�s, many of the popular comic characters, including The Spectre, were revived and often re-invented. The Spectre became a much more power avenging spirit with near omnipotence, only to be greatly decreased in power in the 1980�s, leaving him as little more than a ghostly detective.
hi guys,
here's another one.i'm on a roll seems like.thanks for your's nice to see you all coming back after all this time.
today's piece is a dc character that i haven't seen done in 3d i took a crack at it and i liked the outcome.the true test was trying to remember the guy from the comics i'd read as a kid.sadly i didn't have much to go i did some googling and found out ... i didn't know much at all about him other than vague memories of a giant size comic i had as a kid.but there is a film out that i'll be sure to see real soon.i also referenced some pictures from alex ross's book mythology that sealed the deal for me.
i hope you enjoy my take on the spectre as much as i do.
as always,
*hugs and regards*,
till the dragon flies again,
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