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Okay, I had to make this, because it happens SOSOSO much.

Whenever someone says a persons picture or character reminds them of something else, said person gets offended by the comment.

Examples! of when this happens and how common it is.

*This is from a good while ago, and I had seen it on another site. Someone had done a picture with her character, and someone had posted that they liked the picture, and that the guys hair reminded her of Len's (from vocaloid), except it was green. They artist then threw a giant fit on how that she didn't steal the design, that it was her's, and she was ORIGINALZ. The person never said she stole the design. They just said that it reminded them of another character's HAIR STYLE.

*So one day someone I watch posted a picture of a MLP:FiM character, and I really liked the character. It was a hippocampus pony, so it had a mermaid like back half. Well, I posted on the picture saying how I liked it, and how it reminded me of the Seaponies MLP toys released a good number of years back (like in the 80s) and linked a commercial so she could see them. I did this because I thought she would think it was cool or whatever, because I was happy somebody made a character that reminded me of those, because I really like them although I never had one. Then I mentioned that obviously her character was different, and that I knew she was inspired by mythology. The Seaponies were literal seahorses, with horse heads. She then responds, oddly and it could be taken somewhat rude, that it was based off of the myths. I had already said that I /knew/ it was already based off a hippocampus, yet she responded as though I accused her of stealing the idea. Either that or she just got mad that she thought her idea was original in the fact that there aren't many MLP:FiM characters like that, only for me to say that there was an entire MLP toy line just like that in the 80s.

It's one thing to casually say that something reminds you of something, it's different if it's a person saying

"OMGZzzz!!!!1!! Your character, SimpleDesign, is a plain white cat!! You stole xXannaXxX434's character, tltyOriginal the plain white freaking cat, despite that white cat's are such a thing in the real world and they are not a original design belonging to any one."

[Yes, that actually happened (I replaced the names obviously) Someone accused another person of stealing another person's character, despite the fact that both were simple, white cats. No hair or any thing. Just a white cat like you'd see in the pet store. Oddly enough this happens a lot, one time it was with a cat that was blue and named Blue, and someone had another character just like that, and apparently someone stole someone's character. :/ ]

Also it's different when you say something "reminds" you of something when you're just hinting at that they blatantly stole the idea.

If you had something like this happen to you, post it so I can put it under examples so people can know how much this happens.

Also I used a nice shade of sea-foam green on this, which looks adorable.
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