Kraleseus Map Picture

This is the map for a made-up mythology role play. Here's some info on it:

The region is called Kraleseus and, since very early on in time, it has been divided into Upper and Lower sections. Upper Kraleseus is where the biggest city, the capitol is and is also where most everyone lives spread out among the upper half. The coliseum which serves as Kraleseus's greatest enertainment is also in Upper Kraleseus. Lower Kraleseus is thought of as more hostile lands where wild animals and beasts reign. It is also where many unheard of giant creatures that don't live in Upper Kraleseus live. These demons as they as sometimes referred to as by Kraleseans are sometimes controlled by the gods, evil gods mainly, and have been used as tools of war when the gods become angry with their people. The most hostile of these Lower lands is an area surrounded by cliffs and guarded by the Grey Forest (a most dangerous of forest) referred to simply as the Barren Lands.

Upper and Lower Kraleseus are divided by the Amzidian River which flows the length of the continent. This was, for a very long time, the only defense the Upper region had against the deadly creatures in the Lower section. Eventually though, the Gods made some of the giant monsters powerful enough that not even a river could keep them inside the Lower boundaries. Soon, they breeched Upper Kraleseus and the angry gods released their wrath on the people. Since then, the Kraleseans have built an enormous wall which took over a century to create that ran the length of the Amzidian River which would serve as the greatest protection against the beasts. Not even the gods could instruct the monsters to get passed this Dividing Wall. Centuries more passed in which many gods, those with a harsher attitude and who felt little for man, grew ever displeased and angry with people. Some of the other dieties, not wanting a war between men and gods, decided to reunite both sections of Upper and Lower Kraleseus, and soon formed a reunion between gods and man. As a sign of their agreement, one god named Airus knocked down most of the wall and only bits and pieces still remain to this day as a sign of past mistakes. In his name, a Temple of Airus was built in Lower Kraleseus to remember his help in their time of need.
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