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"Okay. Where's it hurt?"

Simon took a bruised hand and elevated it a distance from his body, and then motioned to his head and his toes.
"Everywhere." He mumbled from a collection of bloodied teeth and a swollen cheek.

Luckily Leona had been teaching Claire a few base-level healing techniques. Also she could really do was clean wounds and apply bandages. And apply them she did. With a bravado and vigor that Simon found admirable.

"That was really cool Simon." The tiny demon smiled and she worked another roll of bandages onto this arm. The same arm he had used to block a muscular mountain nymph's left hook so he could get closer to his face. It was a sound strategy, really. Gaming his resilient brownie physiology to simply take the hits and then strike between the beats. The only problem being he ended up just as bruised and beaten as his opponent.

The old timer recommended Simon adopt this to face a more mobile opponent. The nymph fought in beats, so to speak. He was fast, and quick with his footwork. But the second he hit someone and sent them reeling, he would have to stop and readjust himself. Get too far away and he'd have time to recover. Get to close and he'd hit you, and since the fucker hit had he would, again, have time to recover.

"When you just took it in the stomach and then hit him in the head like- BAM!" She gave a small swing with one of her sleeves and smiled. "That was awesome." She grinned ear to ear, looking up at the wounded writing boy like a hero.

"Uhf-" Simon cringed a bit as Claire rubbed one of Leona's herbal remedies onto a wound. The mixture of ground seeds, ale, and plant leaves may have been a marvel of medical science, but it's light burn atop a shoulder that had just taken the equivalent of a ton of bricks was less than pleasant. "Th-thanks." He smiled with his stained, aching teeth.

She smiled and pranced around his backside, taking his arm forcibly and getting to work with her basic knowledge of wounds. Leona had purposefully allowed her to take care of him after the next round of the Clobbernaught to test her skills, as she sat on the other side of the room and watched the two carefully.

"How's this feel?" She presented the newly-dressed wound.


Claire smiled and nodded, already invigorated by watching Simon pull out another victory.

"Miss Leona says I could be a good healer one day."

"Oh. Uh. Is that what you want to be?" He cocked his head.

"I dunno. I'd kind of like to travel like grandpa. He teaches a lot of people. But I like helping people too. Like Miss Leona. And seeing you fix stuff is really really neat and smart and stuff." She cocked her head to the side and shrugged a bit. "So I'm not sure what I wanna be."

Simon sighed a bit and gave a comforting smile. "Well you got plenty 'a time." He gave her a pat on the shoulder, holding back signs of aching. "You ain't a brownie. So don't sweat it."

Simon pondered if all his actions were driven by trying to oppose his father's ideology. Like the simple act of assuring Claire she had time was a sign of rebellion. Basically it was "Make Yourself Useful" vs "Be a Good Person".

"Just find something you love doing and-OWCH!"

"Oh oh oh I'm sorry."

"N-n-no. It's alright. Sorry I should of said somethIIIIING!"

"Oh sorry!"

Continuing this little boxing story arc thing. Figured it would be fun to build both the world and the characters. The relationship between Simon and Claire might be fun to examine a bit. Sort of how one helps the other. Simon's had experience with having to help raise younger sisters in the past while Claire helps out and edifies the boy who's in need of a little self-assurance. So there we go.

Drawing looks fine. Not used to drawing sitting unless it's Lilith with something smaller under her, but this looks alright.

Sometimes I feel like I'm playing a long gam here. I guess I've concluded that I can earn a bit of sympathy for the characters through quiet successive events rather than giant emotional bombs dropped every now and then. We'll see, I guess.

Also no boobs here.

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