Hel and Ullr. The most beloved enemy Picture

We all heard a lot about Ragnarok! But few people thought that in this ruthless battle drawn great lovers are forced to become enemies! They are Hel and Ullr!
According to prophecy, Hel will go to war against Asgard along with the giants Surtr, and Hrym. Ullr will protect Asgard and he will side with the gods. Ullr survive after Ragnarok, and Hel are likely to die along with her family and other giants.
I always thought that will feels Ullr, when he will lost Hel, the love of his life! In this picture you can see how Ullr embraces his dying lover, which became his beloved enemy!
However, this picture reveals not only the inhumanity of war, but also great power of love! Because love conquers hatred! And even when dying world, love is alive!
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