NARUTO - His Silver Blossom Picture

Full title: Silver Blossom and Her Green Knight

Gai and female!Kakashi based on the lovely fanfic Kakashi-chan [link] by mymonkeypjs. I think I drew this after Chapter 20's scene at the bread store-thing, though I couldn't bring myself to draw Kakashi in her kimono. I need that vest collar to appear for some reason. So, instead of looking pretty in a kimono, she looks irritable whilst Gai looks...dopey. Don't blame me; blame Gai.
Silver Blossom is the nickname Gai comes up with for Kakashi before he learns her name in the fic. Green Knight is my idea, since the first idea I had was Errant Knight, but Gai's not really that. No semblance of the mythological Green Knight, either. Maybe the title of the piece should be "Silver Blossom and Her Jolly Green Giant"?

Chibis are ~Penbee-of-Treewood (yay, it's me pre-haircut looking like an Azula chibi possessed by Pucca) squeezing/molesting Wufei. It's been a long time since I've done that.

The weird wispy lines above Gai were experiments with Kakashi's girl hair, trying to get the shape before I bothered to draw the whole person. Notice the ponytail shape? Yeah. I suck at erasing.

Naruto (C) Masashi Kishimoto
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